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Last but not least...


Finding free dog training and related information on the internet is not difficult - provided you don't mind spending hours and hours in front of your computer.


Separating outdated junk and medieval training methods from up-to-date advice can be a daunting task. Very anoying! That's why we started this website. If you have any content suggestions or just want to get in touch, just contact us.



We are no longer updating YouSmartDog!

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-Steve's arsenal of toys

When you walk into one of those big-chain pet supply stores, you sometimes wonder who is buying all this junk.


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-About this website

You may wonder: Who are you guys? We are neither veterinarians nor full-time dog trainers...



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-Fundamentals of Dog Training

Thinking about teaching your dog a few tricks? Check out our dog training fundamentals section.



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