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Dog training can be incredibly rewarding, both for you and your dog if you do it the "right way". Interestingly, the "right way" in dog training seems to be a moving target. Ask five dog trainers the same training related question and there is a good chance you will get five different answers. This can be really confusing, especially if you are completely new to the realm of dog training.


If you are thinking about training your dog, you probably do this because you care about your dog. So how can it be that the first order of business for so many dog trainers is to show you how to use a choke collar, or even worse, a prong collar for "correcting" your dog. This website is all about positive dog training methods. This means in essence that you want to teach your dog how to succeed instead of punishing him for failure. Read on here...



Andy in 2008

-Terrifying Ticks

Tick bites can transmit diseases that cause serious illness in dogs. Read about the risks of tick bytes, how to identify ticks and how to remove them.


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-Understanding your dog

Most of the communication

between dogs happens on a non-verbal basis. Can you tell what your dog is feeling just by looking hat him?


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-Fundamentals of Dog Training

Thinking about teaching your dog a few tricks? Check out my fundamentals of dog training section.


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