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We are all concerned about the well being of our dogs and this section is intended to provide general information on a variety of dog-health related topics. This section is not intended to substitute any veterinary advice. Always seek the help of a veterinarian if your dog displays symptoms of a medical disorder.


Here are some veterinarians that I know and recommend:


Evergreen Vet Clinic - ask for Dr. Vieyra

Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center


Andy in 2015

-Know what's hazzardous to your dog?

Getting a dog is like bringing home a baby. We have to take a hard look at our living space to make sure that there are no hidden dangers for our new arrival.


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- Terrifying Ticks

Tick bites can transmit diseases that cause serious illness in dogs. Read about the risks of tick bytes, how to identify ticks and how to remove them.


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-Fundamentals of Dog Training

Thinking about teaching your dog a few tricks? Check out my fundamentals of dog training section.



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