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Training Lesson Overview


If you are completely new to the realm of dog training, We highly recommend that you read our section about the fundamentals of dog training before getting into any of the practical exercises listed below.


We are adding content on an ongoing basis so check back frequently.


All training lessons are categorized as either "obedience training" (that's where you will find the classics such as sit, stay or heel) or "tricks and fun" (for the not so serious stuff) or behavior for the outright anoying issues.


Part 1: Obedience training - the "classics"

Part 2: Fun and tricks

Part 3: Behavior issues


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Obedience Training - the "classics"


1.) Teach your dog to "come" back to you

2.) Teach your dog the "Sit"


Tech your dog to come back to you
The "Come"

3.) Teach your dog to lie "down"


Teaching the down

4.) Teach your dog the Basic Position


The Basic Position - Part 1
The Basic Position - Part 2
Basic Position #2
The Basic Position - Part 3
The Basic Position - Part 4
Basic Position #3
Basic Position #4


Fun and tricks


Coming soon!



Part 3: Behavior Issues


Coming soon!